Our coffee is grown in North Kona on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai (dorment). This mountain peaks about 8,000 feet above a beautiful, blue ocean. The mountain protects our coffee trees from the trade winds. The mountain's mass creates the weather patterns that bring the misty clouds right up to us from the ocean almost every day. This is the special Kona weather that makes it possible to grow coffee in the sun instead of in shade. The best coffee in the world (in our opinion).

Our large bean Arabica variety is called "California" by the local old timers, but is a climatized varient of the Guatamalan arabica typica according to the University Ag people. Coffee plants from Guatamala were taken to California, and grown special for the big bean and good production before coming to Hawaii. This was a long time ago - many of our trees are 100 years old!

Our farm is at 1800 feet above the sea. In the winter it gets cold at this altitude - even down to 48 degrees! Makes you want a cup of coffee! So cold!

Winter's harvest is full of big beans; and near the end of harvest in the new year, flowers are on the trees at the same time! The farm is beautiful with red and green cherry, and flowery white and smell!

The beans are all hand picked, washed, and mostly sun dried. The wet milling process is specially watched over so the parchment gets the best care.

Hawaii coffee is the only commercial coffee grown in the USA!

It does not have to be fumigated!

It is grown without strong pesticides or fungicides!

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