" The Benevolent Bean"

** Honorable Mention (top 12) in 1998 Kona Coffee Cupping Contest **

** Honorable Mention (top 15) in 2002 Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Contest **

** 2nd place in 2003 Gevalia Kona Coffee Cupping Contest **

Grown on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai in Kona, Hawaii, these award-winning beans are handpicked, sun-dried, and roasted to perfection.  The soil on the mountainside is very rocky. In fact there is not much soil at all!  In places coffee trees grow right out of the rocks, and the rocks still look like lava flow.   Coffee trees have a tap root that get down to the water, and feeder roots that lie on top just under the top layer of natural, new soil.  The feeder roots spread out very far under each tree, and the rows between are often grass; and the mowing grows the soil.

In Kona, there are some pests that are a particular problem for coffee, so there is bug spraying, however, a natural yeast, who's spores kill the bad bean borer beetle is actually a yeast that occure in Kona soils! We do not know why sometimes they are worse than others.

The natural cloud cover and afternoon tropical rains provide a special climate, and our altitude at 1800 ft. seems right for the arabica typica plant.

There are a lot of trees in our orchard - Avocado, papaya, palm, various citrus, lychee, pomelo, soursop, and more! Birds are everywhere (even the chickens on the ground) eating the fruits. There is plenty! This is a very friendly environment!

We take special care that when picked, the cherry is quickly pulped, and the beans are wet processed (washed) carefully in food grade tanks; and then dried mostly in the sun (which can take two weeks!); and then aged in a climate controlled room.  Before roasting they are hulled, sized, and sorted/graded.  Also, since the coffee is not imported, there is no fumigation.  That's right; grown in the USA!


Prices: Whole Beans*1 in labeled clear front valve bags

Retail: $59.95 per lb. and $30.95 per half lb.*2

To order: 

Call and leave your name and address. - 800.550.6971

Specify roast whether you want medium or dark.

Personal checks or money orders accepted.

Credit cards accepted for phone orders.

Invoice will be included with shipment.

Deposit required for large order.

Tip from the Roaster: These beans have a lot of precious oils in them. Keep them out of the sunlight (any light!) in a cool dark place. The freezer works fine, but remember to take frozen beans out early, prior to grinding, for best results. The refrigerator is not the right place.

Recipe:  One scoop SunBean Kona Coffee per two cups water in electric drip filter machine. I like the French press best!


Richard and Christy Schumann

*1 Add 25¢ per lb. for grinding.
*2 Free shipping and handling.

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