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Coffee company is for sale! 8089894442


100% Kona Estate Grown

American Homegrown Coffee

Grown by: Christy A. and Richard W.Schumann


Call: 1 808 989-4442

eMail: sunbean at

(type in the"at"sign @)

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All our beans are Hand-Picked, Washed (wet processed), and then Sun-Dried!

We age our parchment to be sure the coffee is mellow in the cup.

Our coffee won second place in 2003 and has been a finalist in the 1998 and 2002 Kona Coffee Cupping contests.

YES! We won second place in the 2003 contest! See us!

This is some of the world's best coffee!

Coffee is available in either dark or medium roasts.

The price is $59.95 per lb.or $30.95 per 1/2 lb.
OR: Join the Grower's Reserve Top Shelf Monthly Club:

$49.95 per month for 16 oz. bag ........

Mostly Extra Fancy is selected for the Reserve. Ask if peaberry is available! It usually never gets out of our grower's cup!!! BUT maybe worth the asking!

We accept VISA, AMEX, Discover, & MasterCard.

Call: 1 808 989-4442

See our brochure.

See some of our cherry.

See our label.

See a tree.

See a cup and a Tiki made out of coffee wood!


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